The Hot 100 2019: Hall of Fame

  • Katharine Gemmell
  • 1 November 2019

Hot 100 2019: Hall of Fame

credit: Jeanette Lang, Glasgow Women’s Library

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The individuals and institutions that will forever be our number ones

Here at List HQ, we take our Hot 100 duties very seriously. Every entry and position is carefully considered to decipher who has made a significant impact on Scotland’s art and culture scene. With this in mind, we think it would be a disservice to our talented past winners not to give them the shout-out they deserve and recognise the qualities that won them that top position. So, here’s a Hot 100 hall of fame, to make it clear that these individuals and institutions will always be number one in our eyes.

Glasgow Women’s Library (2018)

The Glasgow Women’s Library had ‘quietly been going about their business for nearly 30 years’, when last year a deserved spotlight was shone on their work with an Art Fund Museum of the Year Award nomination. As the only accredited museum dedicated to women’s history in the UK, the library is not just for women, but for anyone interested in heritage, culture and the spirit of inclusion. It holds a healthy archive of 20,000 books, 3000 artefacts and 400,000 donated items, while also running a diverse programme of events all year round. Sue John, GWL’s enterprise development manager, summed their work up as, ‘trying to be part of solutions, and not part of problems’.